Sprouting seeds

We all know the advantages of giving sprouted seeds to our birds.

By sprouting the seeds we increase their nutritional value with a factor 300, a real energy boost because  of the present glucose, fructose, enzymes, vitamins C, E and B, beta carotene, proteins, anti oxidants and non phytate bound minerals.

As to canaries, we do not need a special sprouting mix. Regular rapeseed will do the job as it sprouts fast and it has the perfect amino acid score, just like eggs do.

How do we do it?

Often I read reports some people let soak their sprouting mix overnight, to me this seems way too long, as in this way the seeds are drowned. Everybody is afraid of fungi growing into the sprouting mix, and they are right. Just remember what happened in Germany with the growth of a toxin producing E. Coli.

There are several  ways for sprouting seeds.

The first one is the one used by Phil Warne.

Just take the amount of sprouting seeds needed and rinse well with regular tap water.

Then take a bowl in which you put water with regular bleach, one teespoon (= 5 ml) to 2 liters  of water. Let this soak for 4 hours, and rinse well. After this rinse well with water 4 times a day till the little sprouts appear.

Another method uses Virkon S instead of regular bleach.

Take a bowl of 2 liters water and put in round 3 grams of Virkon S. Let it soak for 4 hours, but after this do not rinse with regular water, but just drain the water with a sieve. If the mixture becomes too dry one can repeat the act of soaking the mix in water with Virkon S for a few minutes. The advantage of this method is Virkon S inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi. Remember Virkon S only looses 10% of its activity after 7 days.

If you are able of getting the sprouting mix dry, one can put it in the freezer to save it for future use.

A last new method uses F 10, an antiseptic used by vets in the sprouting mix.

Just add 1 ml to 1 liter of water, and follow the instructions just like the Virkon S method.

Hope this helps,

Dr Jan Vanderborght  

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